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If I could tell you (and me) ONE thing to work on in your life, for the benefit of your health, it would be managing and lowering stress levels. Did you think I was going to say food;)? Although proper nutrition is vital to our well-being, eating salads everyday while living a high stress life isn’t totally the answer. That being said, eating a whole foods diet, rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins & minerals will definitely help us manage stress better.

Self-care can also be HUGE in managing our stress. It’s become synonymous with face masks and luxurious baths (both of which I love), but it’s really any thing or activity that helps us better take care of our selves. It’s even unsexy things, like making sure we pay our bills on time, have food stocked in our fridge, and doing our laundry.

So here is my round-up of my September self-care favorites, both the fun and day-to-day practical.

  • Goby toothbrush: I won an electric toothbrush from my dentist’s office a few years ago, and it just recently broke / stopped really being effective. I didn’t want to spend over $100 on a new OralB one, and I read some meh reviews on the cheap Quip, so I settled on one in the middle price range. So far, I love it! I feel like my teeth get significantly cleaner with an electric toothbrush, and cavities are non-existent for me now (although I’m sure diet helps with that). Here’s an article about how oral health is connected and representative of the rest of our health

  • Ashwaghanda - I’ve had a jar of powdered Ashwaghanda for several months and I just can’t stomach the taste. Research supports this as one of the more effective adaptogens, especially for anxiety and hormone control. So, I wanted to try a form that I would be sure to take every day- these pills have no taste, hooray! I’ll return and report next month taking it for a while.

  • Decluttering - I’ve started to declutter things that have been untouched for YEARS. It’s amazing how much peace and (oddly enough) joy I’ve felt opening up cleaned out closets. It literally feels like my home and self is lighter.

  • MORE BATHS! - My favorite thing to do lately after I’ve tucked my daughter in bed and gotten my evening chores done, is to take a bath. I got this immunity salts bath soak from my cousin a few months ago, and it’s such a treat to throw a handful in along with a few essential oils. I couldn’t find the exact one she bought me online, but the link is to something similar!

  • Primally Pure Dry Shampoo - There’s something about getting totally ready (hair, makeup, outfit) that helps me to feel more in control of my day. But I don’t always have time to do my hair from washing/drying/ and styling. And I’ve never been able to stick with dry shampoo in the past, because the aerosol sprays are just so nasty and make me cough. I like this one because it’s natural ingredients, affordable ($12) and since it’s a powder, doesn’t come with hacking up a lung.

  • Lunch prepping - I work from home, so in the past I have usually just made something really quick for lunch, or grab a couple things from the fridge that I’ve prepped. I’ve actually tried to pack what I’ve packed into a glass container. Even though I’m just at home, it saves me time and having to clean up by just having something available to grab & go. I love these glass containers from Amazon.

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Katie Buchanan