This is the first time this little windowsill has looked pretty in months. I've long been eyeing it, knowing it needed a revamp (I think I've killed more succulents than spiders over the years). But it was filed under, "things I'm choosing to ignore until the semester is over."

One of the greatest myths perpetuated in our society, especially to women, is that you can have it all. You can do it all. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is simply not the case. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something (I'll be your bff if you can name that movie;) 

And the sooner we let this idea go - and we accept that we cannot do it all - unless you have the resources of Beyonce- this is where true happiness and success lie. 

I've learned after many attempts at trying to do it all (I guess that's just my MO), that it's a surefire way to burnout. In fact, my Celiac disease diagnoses came on the heels of trying to do it all for 3 months straight. Our bodies and minds can only do so much in a day, and in a week. And that's OKAY.  Although success often happens when we are busting our asses - it's JUST AS important to rest. And to be okay with working on just one or two things at a time. After all, divided attention has never been a great long-term strategy for productivity. 

As a recovering perfectionist, here are a few of my tips, to accomplish your goals and succeed, while trying not to do it all and trying to avoid insanity:

1) Let go of the idea of perfect (whether that's your home, your current project, your body, your grades, etc.)
2) Along with #1, make a list of a few things you're willing to give up while working on a project or pursuing goals (I learned this trick in one of my favorite books I've read this year, Finish.)
3) Take time to properly fuel your body (this is HUGE - doesn't have to be complicated, think simple, prepped meals and leftovers - like this meal) and avoid as much as possible the short-term fix that sugar provides - it's just making things worse later on
4)  Spend quality time with the people you love (this is really the most wonderful thing about life and it's usually rejuvenating, so no matter how busy you are, set aside time for this)
5) Accept help (whether that's from family, friends, or someone you hire)
6) Get up early (for most of the population, the hours before noon have been proven to be the most successful time of day)
7) Keep a current calendar and to-do list
8) Regularly take "brain breaks" (for me this is a walk around the block, a 5 min Headspace app session, a good podcast) 
9) Master the empowering art of "No."
10) Check in often with your priorities - do you have the right priorities? Do they need to be adjusted? Is how you are spending your time helping you meet your goals? 

I'd LOVE to hear more of your suggestions! 

Katie Buchanan