I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my goals or intentions to be for this upcoming year. I've seen so many wonderful aspirations and so many different styles: intentions, one single goal, a word to describe how someone wants the year to go, etc. But when I look back on 2017, I am in such a different place than I previously was. It feels like years have gone by, not just 12 months. And the goals I would have set for myself then wouldn't really be applicable to now. 

Additionally, I live in a place with four very distinct seasons. My body always struggles to adjust, physically, when we enter a new season. I wonder if that's because I haven't taken the time emotionally or mentally to recognize the change and live life just a little bit differently. 

And so, I thought, why not try setting an intention - a mindset, for each season? 

My intention through the rest of this winter (until April) is to SIMPLIFY. I've long struggled with depression and wellness during the winter. After reading this article, by Kelly Brogan, I've realized the need to and benefits of slowing down a bit; taking a different pace. I'm heading back to school, after a much needed semester off (I went full time over the summer and burned out). I have a very busy three-year-old, who is growing up too fast. I want to treasure every minute I can with her. I want happy and healthy relationships with those around me. I want to succeed in growing this blog, and my current part-time job. I can't think of a better time to simplify than now. 

Stress is an enemy to our health and wellness. Simplification can ease stress. To help myself (and hopefully you), I'm starting a series on the blog called "Simple Wellness." Every week, I'll be sharing a recipe or suggestion, something easy to make an improvement in health. 

Here's to a healthy, simpler winter and 2018.

Katie Buchanan