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I talked about how eating real food is hard, in my last post. But the good news? There are so many modern tools and ways that can make it simpler. And since the real food movement has taken off, there are finally boxed or quick options that contain actual food. With minimal, pronounceable ingredients. Like this pancake/waffle mix from Simple Mills. They just have FIVE ingredients. I'm working on making my own mix that's similar to this, I'll share once I'm done tinkering with the recipe! This box is a little pricey, so I save it for emergency mornings; aka the ones where I can barely drag my butt out of bed and let alone make the waffles/ pancakes Eliza is clamoring for. 

I was craving banana nut muffins when I made this, so I followed the box exactly but added 1 mashed banana to the mix. Depending on how strong you want the banana taste to be, and how much of the mix you're making, you may want to add 2 whole bananas. I also added 2 scoops of Further Food collagen for an extra protein boost! That's my second favorite thing about pancakes/waffles (my first favorite is how good they taste) - they can be customized to what you're trying to do: include more superfoods, sneak in veggies, or add more protein. Also, I normally just use almond butter on waffles and fruit, I was really craving some maple syrup, and so I drizzled a little bit of that on. 

Let me know if you try these pancakes!


Katie Buchanan